Automotive Trimming

Southern Trim Shop for all your auto upholstery trimming. With an extensive range of auto upholstery materials and craftsmanship, They promise to make your upholstery/trim look brand new.

Entire Interior Restoration

Southern Trim Shop are specialists in automotive original re-trims. We can execute a complete restoration of your car’s interiors to give it back its vintage glory in a new avatar.

Vehicle Interiors

At Southern Trim, we can repair or replace your torn seat trim. All our products are designed from best quality raw materials to give you 100% comfort and safety!

We repair, replace, or custom make car carpets along with the underlay. We use quality products such as DEADNA and DYNOMAT

Custom Seat Re-Trimming

We offer custom car seat re-trimming services executed by expert trimmers. Car seat repairs for cloth,vinyl, leather plus we repair and or replace the car seat foam and seat springs.

Custom Trim

Whether you want a particular colour for your car’s interiors, a different material or a brand-new style, we can custom trim your car interiors in our Adelaide based purpose-built workshop. We can fit custom trim that clients have sourced from overseas or elsewhere.

Vinyl Trim & Seats

Southern Trim has access to a wide variety of vinyls. Not only this, our experts are so well trained that they can match the new fabric to your vehicle’s old one by the exact grain.

However because the old material has been exposed to years of sunlight it is not always possible to get exact colour matches.

Roof Lining

South Australian weather is extreme and can damage or delaminate your car’s roof lining over a period of time. Southern Trim Shop can replace cloth, vinyl and velour car roof lining


We repair and re-upholster the following vehicles:

  • Van and truck seats
  • Semi trailer seats
  • Forklift seats
  • Earthmoving equipment seats

Soft Top Repairs & Restorations

We can cater for soft top repairs or replacements for any vehicle or they can be custom made to the clients specific design.

Door Trim

We can re-upholster most door trims for vehicles. We can also repair or replace door cards and the covering material.

Car & Boot Carpets

If you want to protect your car boot and floor from dirt and damage. We can source moulded carpets, but if we don’t have the one for your car, we can even custom design it for you!

Tonneau Covers

At Southern Trim Shop, we custom make each tonneau cover so that it is guaranteed to fit your vehicle.


We manufacture and fit specialty tarpaulins for vehicles, utes, and trailers. We do not make large tarpaulins for semi trailers.

Happy Customers

“My brother has an old 60's mustang which he has kept in great condition but the upholstery was looking it's age. Southern Trim restored the whole car it looks absolutely brand new.”

– Tony

“Excellent tradesmen, any fault their work and their quality is surpassed by none. No matter how made to order it is.”

– Robyn

“Helpful people. Needed small inexpensive parts for my Bimini and staff were more than happy to help”

– John


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