Q. Why is my head/roof/hood lining or cloth above my head comimg down and can i re-glue it?

A. The roof lining is coming down because the foam deteriorates from the sun and cannot be re-glued. The cloth needs to be replaced and the mounting board needs to be thoroughly cleaned and the new roof lining and glued into place

Q. Can i just replace the canvas in my boat canopy?

A. Yes you can dependant on the condition of the supporting frame

Q. Can I replace the pull down/ bunji cords on my Tonneau cover?

A. Yes you can. Depending on the condition, other repairs may be required.

Q. Can i replace just one bow on my boat canopy?

A. Yes you can dependending on structural damage to rest of canopy

Q. At what height can i have my canopy and does it fold forward or back?

A. Boat canopies can be made to suit any height you nominate. Canopy off the screen will fold forwards, and a bimini canopy will fold backwards.

Q. Could I repair my seat upholstery?

A. In most instances the repair of car seat upholstery requires the removal of the seat or seats. Once the car seats are removed the complications begin because the seat mechanics will need to be addressed and the upholstery removed; this is not straight forward. Then there are judgement calls to be made regarding the springs and the padding.

There is no standard method of assembling and upholstering a car seat and this is what makes getting a professional job difficult for non-tradespeople.

Q. How can I pick the difference between leather or vinyl seats?

A. In today’s world it has become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between leather and vinyl as there is now a massive range of leather and vinyl’s that come in wide variety of qualities. The only way to tell the difference is to view the back of the material and the difference is easily discernible as leather looks natural like a suede. And vinyl has an artificial backing.

Q. My seats are uncomfortable and lumpy can they be adjusted?

A. Yes, they can but the size of the job and the cost will depend on:

  • Whether the upholstery needs to be replaced or can be repaired.
  • If the car seat frame needs to be repaired or replaced
  • Do the pads needs to be repaired or replaced
  • Do the springs need to be repaired, adjusted or replaced

It is best to address these issues as early as possible to avoid further discomfort

Q. The piping around my front seats is frayed can it be replaced?

A. The piping can be replaced but not all seats have the same method of piping. It is relatively obvious as to how to tackle this but be aware that it is likely that all of the piping on all seats will have to be replaced as your current piping will probably have faded and you will be replacing with new piping and the colour will not match

Q. Should my car upholstery be replaced with the same material?

A. There is no definitive answer to this question because;
If a new material is used other than the original it will usually lower there-sale value of the car. However if the car is being converted to a show car a new upholstery job will probably increase the re-sale price.
Also be aware that you should consider the features of the current material against the proposed material as the size of the perforations maybe different causing you to sweat more or less. The new material may wear quicker because it is not suited to the contours of the seat.

Q. Can I replace just one panel of my car seat?

A. This is possible but with one obvious drawback and that is colour variation if the panel needs to be replaced because it is worn then in all likely-hood it is going to be very hard to match-up. However if the panel needs to be replaced because it is damaged colour variation is not a problem

Happy Customers

“My brother has an old 60's mustang which he has kept in great condition but the upholstery was looking it's age. Southern Trim restored the whole car it looks absolutely brand new.”

– Tony

“Excellent tradesmen, any fault their work and their quality is surpassed by none. No matter how made to order it is.”

– Robyn

“Helpful people. Needed small inexpensive parts for my Bimini and staff were more than happy to help”

– John


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